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The Green King Saga, Parts 2 and 3

This is a momentous occasion, alright. This right here is the one hundredth post on this blog. Go and count ’em if you want, there’s a hundred. Seems like a lot, but it has been four months now. That’s less than one post a day, which means I haven’t been keeping my numbers up, but I warned you when I started. Anyway, I’ll keep posting and we’ll see if we can’t just get all the way to two hundred.

Sonnet VI (Octameter; Katerine)
The summer sun turns now to fall
And leaves begin to hit the ground
While Green King sits and watches all
While he, by vines, to throne is bound
He can do naught but watch and wait
For come of cold and creeping frost
Until that time he sits in state
King of a land soon to be lost
While leaves of gold, yellow, and red
Like flutt’ring gems of ruby-gold
Fall from trees now gone cold and dead
To land among the leaves of old
That landed there just once last year
And lie there still in rain-drop tears


Sonnet VII (Octameter; Katerine)
Now all is white and crystal fire
Around Green King and throne of trees
Dead-all, dead-all in frosty mire
And snow in mounds lies deep on leaves
The life is gone from all the world
And flung from sky are flakes of steel
That land upon the flag unfurled
And cut and bite ’til flesh can’t feel
And wind howls down between the twigs
Where once leaves lay in thick clusters
And runs against the Green King’s legs
To strip away strength he musters
And hide it in the dark’ning sky
Where all the snow and ice now flies


The Green King Saga, Part I

Sonnet V is written in Iambic Octameter. I sort of made it up on my own, and it works the same way as Iambic Pentameter, but with eight syllables per line instead. This is the first in four sonnets that I call the Green King Saga.

The Green King sits upon his throne
Beneath the hall of greenest leaves
Entwined with trunks like great tree bones
And branches form the great hall eaves
That bend and sway beneath the wind
Like great ship’s sails ‘neath swelling breeze
And to the night soft flow’rs extend
To seek starlight before the freeze
And ‘neath it all great Green King thrives
Upon his throne of sweetest oak
In soft, sweet, summer, sunlight skies
And ne’er a word did he there spoke
But rather then he kept his peace
Among the green and pleasant trees