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And Again

Well, this is the very last of Dalrigar that I have written so far. I’ll spew more out eventually, but this is it for now. On a side note, a personal note, kind of, I have been having a very good week. Not much more than average, but average is usually good. Anyway, enough about me.

“There is nothing so all consuming and everlasting as vengeance. If you truly want immortality, simply slight a man gravely enough as to make him swear revenge.”
– Dalrigar of the Hollows

‘A man’s true name is nothing other than a man’s true calling. But fate can be cheated, and there are those who have been named Peace, and made War.’
– Dalrigar of the Hollows


Dalrigar, Again.

“The bands of mercenary soldiers range far afield in the pursuit of wealth and danger. But, then again, there are those that choose to walk a kinder path. Those that do not just take whatever gold is thrown to them like dogs. These are the real soldiers.”
– Dalrigar of the Hollows

“Swords, why is it always swords?”
– Dalrigar of the Hollows

On the Fifth Day of Christmas…

Okay, if you’ve ever read The Lord of the Rings, or seen the relatively new movies then you will get this reference. Okay? Got it? Now imagine five of these.

And there you go. That’ll probably be the high point of this entire Twelve Days shenanigan. Well, again today I’ll be lazy and give you something that’s not very new. But at least I’ll give you two.

“The transfer from contentment to peace is an easy one. The trouble comes with peace in lonliness.”
– Dalrigar of the Hallows

“There are those who feel that stones are naught but solid, unthinking things. But I know the difference. There is nothing that has seen so many ageless eons as that stone that stands. And there is nothing that will outlast us so long.”
– Dalrigar of the Hollows

On the Third (and Fourth) Day of Christmas…

Hey, looky there, I missed a day of updating. Oh, well, I warned you at the beginning that I was a procrastinator, at least I’ve updated every other day since I began. So, this would have been Two-fer Thursday III, since I think I’ll be keeping that as a tradition, but instead I have a Two-fer on the days of Christmas. And I’m feeling lazy today so I won’t be continuing on the March of Words! ™. Instead, you’ll get something from my archives.

“I once walked on my own down dusty halls to visit one far more grandly arrayed and much less greatly thought of than myself. When I reached the king, he asked me of my health, and I answered. He asked me of my kin and I answered. Then he asked me of his foemen, and I declined to give him insight into others’ thoughts, and he answered. Now I sit in his jail cell; this is his answer.”
– Dalrigar of the Hallows

On the Second Day of Christmas…

Hooray for day two! Wait, does something look wrong to you? No? Oh, well then, let’s get a move on to other things. I might as well let you know now, though it is a ways away from now, that I’ll be taking a rather large hiatus in the summertime. I’ll probably mention it again when it gets closer. I won’t be able to post for a week or two at a time, and then maybe once on a weekend.

“In my devices for comity, I find my tongue being stayed by the foul odors that berate me from every edge of the world. If my voice is not heard soon, I believe that it will not be able to aid anymore the strife of our world.”
– Dalrigar of the Hollows

“The comity of nations cannot always work in tune with the ethics of nations.”

By the way, I am going to begin giving you the actual definition of each of the words for the March of Words! ™ as I get through them. To begin I will give you the first two.

largess \lar-ZHES; lar-JES; LAR-jes\, noun;
also largesse:

1. Generous giving (as of gifts or money), often accompanied by condescension.
2. Gifts, money, or other valuables so given.
3. Generosity; liberality.

palliate \PAL-ee-ayt\, transitive verb:

1. To make (an offense or crime) seem less serious; extenuate.
2. To make less severe or intense; mitigate.
3. To relieve the symptoms of a disease or disorder.

comity \KOM-uh-tee\, noun:

1. A state of mutual harmony, friendship, and respect, especially between or among nations or people; civility.
2. The courteous recognition by one nation of the laws and institutions of another.
3. The group of nations observing international comity.

That’s a lot to swallow all at once. So I’ll give you a rest until tomorrow (or maybe some other day). In the future there will only be one of these definitions per day, so it’ll be easier. Remember, try and use at least one of these new words at least twice in the next hour in order to remember them all the better.

Tiredness Causes a Lack of Originality

“Things are found, things are lost. But nothing is so nice as to be both lost in substance and found in mind.”
– Dalrigar of the Hallows

Two-fer Thursday II

“Men, by nature, are inquisitive beasts. We look to the stars and wonder if there are others like us. We look to the seas and wonder if there are gods in those frothy depths. We look to the shadows ‘neath our beds and wonder at what sort of monsters lurk there, unseen. But not all who wonder have the idiocy to look more closely into the darkness.  Yes, I call it idiocy. Others may call it courage to look into the face of your death and laugh, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is not in any way intelligent.”
– Dalrigar of the Hallows

“There was a man, though I hesitate to call him that, who once said that there is no courage; only idiocy. This man said that facing fear and Hades with a laugh on your lips was ‘unintelligent’. Dalrigar, for that was his name, Dalrigar of the Hallows, was most definitely wrong. I have oft felt the steely grip of fear, but rarely have I had the pure courage to face it down. The pure, raw courage of kings and warriors; the safety and security of the knowledge that death no longer holds you in its fearful grasp. To Dalrigar, I say this: You are no man, you are but a craven dog with no true sense of bravery.”
– Hortolb, Scholar of Thurm

More of Dalrigar

“There is no thought or feeling as mighty or as misleading as that of nostalgia. Many a man has wasted his life away in the arms of that which is no longer. Faded glories and long-lost loves are no more than shadows now, but many have come to listen when a lie is whispered in their ear of glories to be re-won. I, myself have oft heard those tempting tones, telling me to grasp at my last fading strands of happiness; and I gave in. I let myself slip away into the oblivion of things long gone. I only just barely shook from my eyes the shades of yearning in time to leap once again into the affairs of the Now.”
– Dalrigar of the Hallows

Two-fer Thursday

“Never have I seen such grand vistas and unimaginable horrors as that day that I opened the window and looked out at my own city.”
– Dalrigar of the Hallows

“To think of death is to fear it, but if one was to completely forget what comes after this life and the dark figure that stands there, then all fear would fade away.”
– Dalrigar of the Hallows

Once More Into the Breach, My Friends

So, this is the first post on the second of my days. Apparently, WordPress has a slightly different calendar than I do, so, according to the site, I have already passed through two days.

Anyway, moving on. So, as a bit of background on this next bit. A while back, I started writing down bits of tids (tidbits, to the layman). I put together a couple of these and then signed them “Dalrigar of the Hollows”. As I went along, this Dalrigar took on more of a life and a personality. Dalrigar and I do not see eye to eye on every subject, but he has a certain way with words. So I’ll be putting most of his work up here in spurts, probably. The first being now.

“And I spake of fantasy. I spake of dark places full of crawling things, shimmering caverns, deep beneath the sleeping earth. I spake of grand vistas, beyond imagining. I spake of great powers, dragons, mages, gods. Yet none believed my tales, and thus, I ceased speaking.”
– Dalrigar of the Hallows