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What Am I?

What am I?
What do I do?
I think, and I sit, and I talk
I scribble notes to myself that I will never read
I write things that will never be liked
Except by me
I make people smile
Sometimes too much
But they still laugh
I make someone happy
That makes me happy
I tell them what to do
I teach them how
Then I turn around and make a mistake

I imagine
I feel
I think
I see things that are real
But only in my head
No one else can say
What goes on in my mind

Tall mountains
Old forests
Deep caves
Tall, tall towers
And hidden memories
Deep within
A longing, a want, a need
Something that I have to reach out for
Even if I always fall short
I’m afraid to try, fearing I’ll fail
I wouldn’t give it what it has inside me
I’m not ready yet

Not ready yet
Maybe that’s what I am
Maybe that’s what I do

Hidden inside me
Talking forever, endlessly
A voice that talks to me
Makes me feel at home
Then I turn around and make a mistake
My voice is my friend
He tells me to forget it
He tells me to talk to her
To tell her that she’s pretty
But I can’t
I’m not ready yet

I might never be
I might be soon
I don’t know

But one thing I do know
I know what I am
What I do

I am a dreamer
That’s what I do
Even when I’m awake
Day dreams, fantasies, mysteries
Things that would never really happen
Even if I really want them to