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It’s Blogoriffic!

Hot dog! Another post on the same day (for me it’s the same day, anyway)! Who knows if this will continue, but I like it for now. So, anyhoo, I’ve been thinking about what I’m actually going to write about. Besides, that is, the whole “Procrastinating Poet” bit. I know that that’s what the blog’s named, and all, but I think that just making a two line post every day may get a little repetetive…

You know, now that I actually think about it and type it out, just a dimple post isn’t that bad of a thing. I won’t, of course, just throw up two lines every day and call it good, but I won’t pull my eyes out trying to get nine paragraphs even when I’m tired. Yes, we Great Poets get tired too.

I think that now would be a good time to get to the heart of matters, anyway. A mild warning, though. Even though I call myself a Procrastinating Poet, I actually usually write prose instead. So if you were sitting in your yuppie coffee house drinking your frappe-latte-fakeItaliansoundingname drink hoping for some soulful flows of ‘stuff’, then you’re going to be let down. I don’t write a few words and call it poetry (I call it prose, instead).

Hey, look at that! I made a run-on sentence!

“Life is an illusion, and I the illuse. Colorful scenes stacked up, one atop the next, to form and grand mosaic of lies. A tangled web of deception that I may add to when needed by a single flick of my pen. With a single, slight, subtle change I can call forth emotion most powerfull. Love, hate, desire, fear, contentment, anger; all these I can create by the tiniest change of light or refraction.”