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Scratch and Dent Dreams

Find Eric Darby’s website here.


Vid-a-thon 2010! Part 7

Jonathan Coulton wrote the ever-popular song “Staying Alive” from the video game Portal. I now give you a few videos of some of his other songs. I’ll limit myself to three, even though I could give you a lot more.

This video was made by a delightful artist (whose name I cannot recall) who also runs a website called Monster by Mail. There you can order a picture for yourself or a friend much like the one drawn in the video.

“Your Brains” for all you zombie apocalypse enthusiasts out there.

I think that this one will give me nightmares.

Well, that’s it for Vid-a-thon 2010. Maybe you’ll see it again next year. Who knows, maybe there will be other bloggers doing the same thing.

Vid-a-thon 2010! Part 6 (Twofer)

First, the incomparable, entertaining Cyrano De Bergerac.

And now a song from the musical Carnival that always reminds me of Cyrano. You’ll see why.

Vid-a-thon 2010! Part 5

I always think of this as being the story of a Sci-fi movie from the fifties. It has time travel, metal men, and killin’s; what more could you want?

Vid-a-thon 2010! Part 4

Vid-a-thon 2010! Part 3

See you tomorrow!

…I’m sorry. That was laboriously main-stream. Allow me to restate:

Fair winds and smooths seas ’til we meet again!

May you dream of streets of gold, and don’t forget to wake up.


Vid-a-thon 2010! Part 2

Day two of the Vid-a-thon!

Vid-a-thon 2010!

Starting today, April 15, I’m going to be posting one video every day for one week. Or seven days, which ever one comes first. I have labeled it Vid-a-thon 2010, though I have no idea if it will come back to haunt us next year. Let’s just pretend that it will, for now.

Tune in tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!