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The Green King Saga, Parts 2 and 3

This is a momentous occasion, alright. This right here is the one hundredth post on this blog. Go and count ’em if you want, there’s a hundred. Seems like a lot, but it has been four months now. That’s less than one post a day, which means I haven’t been keeping my numbers up, but I warned you when I started. Anyway, I’ll keep posting and we’ll see if we can’t just get all the way to two hundred.

Sonnet VI (Octameter; Katerine)
The summer sun turns now to fall
And leaves begin to hit the ground
While Green King sits and watches all
While he, by vines, to throne is bound
He can do naught but watch and wait
For come of cold and creeping frost
Until that time he sits in state
King of a land soon to be lost
While leaves of gold, yellow, and red
Like flutt’ring gems of ruby-gold
Fall from trees now gone cold and dead
To land among the leaves of old
That landed there just once last year
And lie there still in rain-drop tears


Sonnet VII (Octameter; Katerine)
Now all is white and crystal fire
Around Green King and throne of trees
Dead-all, dead-all in frosty mire
And snow in mounds lies deep on leaves
The life is gone from all the world
And flung from sky are flakes of steel
That land upon the flag unfurled
And cut and bite ’til flesh can’t feel
And wind howls down between the twigs
Where once leaves lay in thick clusters
And runs against the Green King’s legs
To strip away strength he musters
And hide it in the dark’ning sky
Where all the snow and ice now flies


The Green King Saga, Part I

Sonnet V is written in Iambic Octameter. I sort of made it up on my own, and it works the same way as Iambic Pentameter, but with eight syllables per line instead. This is the first in four sonnets that I call the Green King Saga.

The Green King sits upon his throne
Beneath the hall of greenest leaves
Entwined with trunks like great tree bones
And branches form the great hall eaves
That bend and sway beneath the wind
Like great ship’s sails ‘neath swelling breeze
And to the night soft flow’rs extend
To seek starlight before the freeze
And ‘neath it all great Green King thrives
Upon his throne of sweetest oak
In soft, sweet, summer, sunlight skies
And ne’er a word did he there spoke
But rather then he kept his peace
Among the green and pleasant trees

Sonnet IV and More

Sonnet IV (Iambic Pentameter)

Thou hast a way, beguiling charms of face
And voice, to shift my view and change my mind
Away from sure and to unsure, I pace
Around in loop of time trying to find
A way to leave this land of loss and pain
To find myself back to the place I love
Where even night cannot forget thy name
And I proclaim unto the stars above
The object of my love, the purest one
Who shines beneath the moon for all to see
And glows, soft light and warm, beneath the sun
To show herself awake and kind to me
Where I now lay inside your charming arms
To keep myself safe now away from harms

And now for something which is not a sonnet.

A splash of gold upon the floor
A wave of beauty kindled bright
From a face that shines with light
It leaks in cracks beneath the door
To shine way into the dark
Among the thoughtless words, remarks
To show them all their truest form
A sadly sung, rejected lie
Which turns away grey almond eyes
And cries a book with pages torn
From words writ large upon the heart
That shine bright forth e’en from the start
To make the love, in ashes born
That shines out in deed and word
And in the slightest gasp that is not heard
By ears too tired and world-worn
To pay close call to tiny sound
From one whose love will keep him bound

Sonnets I-III

I recently discovered how to actually write sonnets. There are a couple of different meters that I use, so they look a bit different. In the reading of these, remember that they are Iambic (one unstressed syllable followed by one stressed syllable. Repeat ’til end of line). Also, the caesura (“//”) means an audible stop in the middle of the line. Hope you like them!

Sonnet I
But what can be the length of time for me?
When all I know is naught but dust in space
The sands from shore too far for eye to see
Cling hard, yearning for me and my proud race
And now I age within my brief respite
But age cannot touch that which I hold dear
That which brings joy to eye and mind, delight
And which I claim as mine, forever near
I shall ever contend to hold this one
And never more will I forget to claim
The love of herĀ  to whom I would now run
And bury in her arms my worried frame
To keep me safe from all the world outside
And never once, her name, will I deride

Sonnet II
Midnight wings fast above//The roof creaks loudly, sways
Imagination flies//Like time, a dart, o’erhead
And tales are born in me//Trying to climb away
My bones ache hard for now//They wish I was abed
They cry in tongues of fire//They show me how to sleep
And how to dream awake//And how to speak when not
With words of song and thought//That show how to dig deep
And hide within the sod//In arms of twisted rot
Below the world of men//In place with magic wrought
Where elves and dwarves give show//Of royal beauty won
And spells and magic find//Wise pupils who were taught
The ways of eldritch might//That hide away the son
Forever more can I//Keep there away from pain
Until my hole is found//Washed out by pouring rain

Sonnet III
And how can I forget//That hair of gold-spun thread
And eyes of emerald//That hide a soulful gaze
That ruminates among//The hidden and the dead
And sees the odd as norm//Among the world’s odd ways
But not the world has her//Rather my own, is she
And not for all the world//Would I give up that one
But I will take to death//That love I hold for thee
And when my end is near//It will not yet be done
It will, instead, grow up//Like vine unto the sky
Grow strong and old and tall//Trying the stars to climb
And never will I tell//A low and hateful lie
Lest you in sorrow cease//To love that which is mine
When I soar up away//My love will follow through
And when I’m up above// I’ll keep my eye on you