Written on the Back of a Library Receipt

Wait a little bit, oh dear

For my time to come.

For me to conquer touch of fear

And call my courage done.

Then from armoured breast my heart

Will burst the sealed drum.

It pains the blood to flow apart

While sobs and daydreams hum.

It may be long before I rest,

Forever in your arms,

But though I cherish still I dress

In chivalry- safe from harm.

My faults I quote, as does befit

A man who fortune warms,

And once again I will submit

How great your beauty’s charms.


I am a man of fashion old

Whose creed is not in vogue.

I feel myself a wander bold

Whose yoke is heavy load.

I wear this suit of armour cold

To keep my heart from rogues

Who would subvert and bend and fold

My creed to craft my goad.


So once again I will say:

I do not flee my maille.

But rather do I stand- and pray-

That you not name it jail.

To work from confines small- nay!-

As large as ocean’s gale

And not be like the stag at bay

Not like some shell born snail.


I play my role inside my mind

Where the land is long,

And never shall I ever find

A sweet and endless song

So great and peopled with so grand

A cast of right and wrong.

My home I make inside this land

For long as day is long.




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