Old Man Storm

I stepped out when I was young
Beneath a sky, cold and dumb
From which winds were tossed and flung
And the peace was broken.

I looked at it, face upturned
And asked a question that which burned
At my mind and now had earned
The right to be spoken.

“Old Man Storm, why do you frown?
Why do you glower as you gaze down
on our unflinching mortal town?”
The cloud gave no token.

I decided to try again
To get an answer, add to my ken
And find me out where I was when
The storm had broken.

“Old Man Storm, why do you sigh?
Way up there with the clouds so high
Where the birds are free to fly?”
The wind was unbroken.

“You blow and whistle with wind and breeze
And push and buffet at houses and trees
I ask you now, why do you do these?”
No answer there was spoken.

“Old Man Storm, why do you grumble?
With lightning crash and then thunder rumble
In the distance, like a quiet mumble?”
The thunder gave no token.

“Flashes of light and echoes of sound
Reverberate up, fall back down
To crash again upon the ground.”
No answer there was spoken.

“Old Man Storm, why do you cry?
Rain squeezed down from way up high
Cheeks of storm below eyes of sky?”
The rain fell unbroken.

“The weather washes the earth below
But what about the sky you know?
Does it get fixed by the stormy blows?”
There was no answer spoken.

Before too long the rain had stopped
The grass had dried, the clouds all dropped
Their weary load and then had popped
Like balloons, had broken.



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