September heaves a sigh of relief as it drops a burden of school books and folded notes before it moves off-stage. October jumps into place, all show and crackle of fallen leaves. It flounces a cape of midnight serenades fit for any February 14th, and then shines the back porch lightbulb that is the jack-o-lantern in the sky. Illuminated are a thousand tiny bugs that fly like witches in the sky, only to be bitten apart by the night-hunters of Dracula lore.

“From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggety beasties and things that go BUMP in the night”

That was written for October, with its scary stories and cool nights. Every dewdrop in the morning only a slide to take you to the next night. Midnight reels in the line and pulls out a fat catch. Days are only the means to get to evening; to night; to adventure.
For what greater adventure is there than to walk out among a horde of unseen fairies that dance and chine in every step? Their voices made of soft-sighing winds and hard-crunching leaves. The Scooby-Doo villains that walk arm-in-arm with every lonely traveler, livening spirits and lifting away sadness.

It changes the colour of the sky. Blue turns smokey and darkness brings in its own special shadow to hide the moon on nights when it isn’t full.
In wonder they think of all this, all just for one night, right at the end of the month. But October shakes his head and tells them better. For every day and every night can be spent like October. Turn your thoughts the right way and you can take a walk down the lane that leads through the heart of the October Country.


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