July breathes a smoke filled sigh of relief as it leaves the center stage and August claims the spotlight. While crowds of children groan in protest as time turns from summer fun to the weary responsibility of the school year. Christmas, and even the magic of October are far away and all that can be seen are the too-hot nights and the fervent wishes for dreams to bring back the joys just once again before the Fall.
A truckload of shooting stars delight the springtime minds of now older, wiser children. Youth is wasted on the young and summer is wasted on the old. If only the two could make an exchange. An endless youth filled with balancing check books and scraping frost off of car windows. Across the street, a cadre of men and women with hair like snow on swing sets and jungle gyms and playing tag under the sun forever young.
But, slowly now, we’ll go to bed. Let August wins its weary way past to make room for September and all the adventures it will bring.



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